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14K Gold Tram Pendant

The tram charm pendants is 20m long or 4/5 of an inch. The term tram does not have the same usage in the United States of America as in most of the world. In the U.S. a "tram" is more likely to describe a small tourist bus in the form of a mock-streetcar or an aerial tramway, such as those used in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Roosevelt Island, New York City. The word is also used to describe people movers in many places. In the US, an animal-powered tram would be characterized as a horsecar, an electrically powered one as a trolley, either as a streetcar and a modern version as a light rail vehicle (LRV). A US system is called a light rail transit (LRT) line if it is at least partially on a reserved right-of-way. The term light rail is sometimes used generically to describe any trolley line except heritage railways. 14K Gold Tram Pendant
101-110-SC472g 14K Gold Tram Pendant 3.0g $528.00 Buy 14K Gold Tram Pendant 3.0gCart

101-110-SC472gg-p Gold Plated Sterling Silver Gold Tram Charm Pendant $37.00 wow Sale Price! -> $25.90 Buy Gold Plated Sterling Silver Gold TramCart

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