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14K Gold Personal Pendants

14k Gold
The 14k gold charms shown below are now rare and we will not be bringing additional ones into stock.
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14K Gold #1 Number One Pendant
14K Gold #1 Number One Pendant.. $264.00
14K Gold 100 Percent Crazy Pendant
14K Gold 100 Percent Crazy Pendant.. $140.80
14K Gold 20 Pendant
14K Gold 20 Pendant.. $246.40
14K Gold 50 Pendant
14K Gold 50 Pendant.. $299.20
14K Gold Alarm Clock Pendant
14K Gold Alarm Clock Pendant.. $352.00
14K Gold Artist Palette Pendant
14K Gold Artist Palette Pendant.. $686.40
14K Gold Rembrandt Artist Palette Pendant
14K Gold Rembrandt Artist Palette Pendant.. $228.80 wow $93.60
14K Gold Bar Mitzvah 13 Pendant
14K Gold Bar Mitzvah 13 Pendant.. $334.40
14K Gold Birth Certificate Pendant
14K Gold Birth Certificate Pendant.. $510.40
14K Gold Book Worm Pendant
14K Gold Book Worm Pendant.. $528.00
14K Gold Computer Pendant
14K Gold Computer Pendant.. $651.20
14K Gold Crutch Pendant
14K Gold Crutch Pendant.. $140.80
14K Gold Directors Chair Pendant
14K Gold Directors Chair Pendant.. $457.60 wow $66.00
14K Gold Engravable Disk 22mm or 78 inch Pendant
14K Gold Engravable Disk 22mm or 7/8 inch Pendant.. $316.80 wow $35.94
14K Gold Dont Fence Me In Corral Pendant
14K Gold Don't Fence Me In Corral Pendant.. $704.00 wow $114.00
14K Gold Ear Pendant
14K Gold Ear Pendant.. $140.80
14K Gold Feet Pendant
14K Gold Feet Pendant.. $105.60
14K Gold Fifty Pendant
14K Gold Fifty Pendant.. $299.20
14K Gold Flip Flops Pendant
14K Gold Flip Flops Pendant.. $228.80
14K Gold Pencil Pendant
14K Gold Pencil Pendant.. $264.00 wow $178.80
14K Gold Pencil Pendant
14K Gold Pencil Pendant.. $228.80
14K Gold Pendant Chains. Beautiful 14k gold chains from Broderick.

Jump Ring. Our 14k gold pendants come with 14K gold jump rings.

14K White Gold Pendants. We have available over 2500 white gold Pendants pendants which can be accessed using the search feature on the right by entering white gold.

Customer Satisfaction: Our return within 30 days refund policy.

Fine Gifts for many occassions: including easter, mother's day, father's day, birthdays, anniversaries and of course the Christmas holiday season. The go search above can access all of our items; plus we can make items that are not shown.

Rare and Limited: As a result of so many of our manufacturers dropping items and or themselves we now have hundreds of different items in stock that can never be replaced and refer to them as rare and limited.

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